5 Wedding Day Tips to Keep Your Sanity on Your Special Day

Just planning your wedding can take a toll on your mind and your body. You can get married in style and still keep your sanity if you know how. Pulling off a great wedding day is not impossible and all it takes is a little knowledge from experts. All of the planning that you’ve done up to this point will pay off if you’ve done it correctly. Use these 5 wedding day tips to your advantage to create a memorable experience.

5 Wedding Day Tips to Keep Your Sanity on Your Special Day 


1. Confirm Reservations, Vendors and Wedding Officiants

The last thing you want to have is a problem with someone being late or not showing up at all. The power of scheduling is in your hands and should be cradled like an infant. The slightest problem or delay can send your wedding up in flames if you aren’t careful. A day or two before your wedding should be follow up time. Make contact with all people that are supposed to attend. Repeat this measure the day before the wedding. Go over times, seating arrangements, delivery schedules and parking. Let everyone know what’s going on and no issue is too small to be included. Doing your confirmations correctly will result in almost zero delays.

2. Get Rid of Nervous Energy

No matter how much you plan, your nerves will still creep up on your big day. One of the best things that you can do is release the built up nervous energy. Your wedding should be fun and relaxing. Take a walk in the morning, go for a jog, do something eventful before you have to give yourself away. Losing the frustrations will allow you to be more relaxed on your wedding day.

3. Pick a Go-To Person to Help You

Stress only happens when you feel it’s you against the world and there is no hope. Being relaxed is achievable when you have someone that you can count on that is close to you. Let wedding planners plan. Let organizers organize. Let caterers cater. You can’t control every detail while worrying about getting married. Choose a close person to be your go-to person to take the stress away from you. Let your appointed person take the heat and make sure things go as smoothly as you’ve planned. They can hate you later.

4. Arrive Early 

Some people would be late to their own funeral. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Arriving at your destination early can help you prepare. Since most locations are rented in advance, the entire day is usually blocked out by the owner of the property. You can usually ask to arrive early to help get everything organized. Having an extra hour before people start showing up could pay big dividends to how your wedding turns out. You also create more time for yourself to get rid of nervousness and take in a little me time to enjoy the moment.

5. Have Great Communication with Your Wedding Photographer

Regardless of what people really think of you, you’re not a statue at your wedding. Let your photographer know if you have a good or bad side. Make suggestions about what your photos should be once you’ve assembled your bridal team. It’s OK to say no to ideas. It’s your photos not your photographer’s. Let him or her handle the lighting, scenery and focus. Develop a line of communication and trust the instincts that each of you have. You’ll end up with beautiful photos that will literally last the rest of your life and beyond.

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