Wedding Tipping Guide

Weddings are not known for being cheap. The average person spends $10,000 or more just to get married. Before you mortgage your house on your wedding, there are other expenses that you have to learn how to handle. Tips are generally not included unless specified in vendor contracts. Learning how to tip from our wedding tipping guide can help save you some bucks to use on your honeymoon. While everyone is usually paid for their time, there are instances when hands will be held out for gratuities that you’re expected to pay.

 Wedding Tipping Guide for Brides and Grooms


 Catering, Waiters and Banquet Managers

Catering can be like watching a three-ring circus. People are busy making your wedding food special and they expect to be compensated. The price that is quoted by caterers might not include gratuities. When obtaining quotes, it’s always a good idea to ask in advance if gratuity is included in the quote. If not, you can plan on breaking down costs in the following manner:

– Banquet Manager: $100 to $200
– Catering Staff: $30 each person
– Cooks: $50 each person
– Waiters: $30 each person
– Assistants: $15 each person

Hairstylists, Makeup Artists and Assistants

Looking your best often requires help from experts. Hiring the right hairstylist can help you look more than presentable to your significant other and the gatherers at your wedding. Makeup artists and assistants that help with the application or removal of makeup also play a big role in making you beautiful. The general rule for tipping these individuals is the same as if you walked into a salon.

– Hairstylist: 15 to 25 percent above total cost
– Makeup Artist: 15 to 25 percent above total cost
– Assistants: $5 to $10 flat fee

 Musicians, Vocalists and DeeJays

Music always plays an important role in the wedding as well as the reception. You can hire a pianist, harpist or other musician that performs before and after the ceremony. It is common to tip these individuals after the wedding is over or before they leave for the night. The same goes for vocalists and deejays that might perform at your wedding or reception.

– Musicians: $20 – $25 each person
– Vocalist: $20 each person
– Deejay: $25
– Sound Engineer: $25
– Lighting Technician: $25

Florists and Designers

Floral arrangements, flowers and decor can help turn any location into paradise. These hard working individuals work long hours to provide fresh flowers and designs for brides and grooms. The work that goes into making your wedding special is one thing that should be appreciated. Tipping these experts appropriately will show your gratitude.

– Florist: $50 to $100
– Designers: $50 to $100
– Assistants: $25 each person

 Photographers, Videographers and Assistants 

Photographs can be just as important as the wedding itself. Without good photographs, your wedding is just a memory and parts can be forgotten. Hiring the right photographer can make your wedding extra special as well as a video crew to capture your life’s biggest achievement on film or tape forever.

– Photographer: $50
– Videographer: $50 each person
– Assistants $25 each person

While this is only a guide, you can use your discretion and tip more or less depending on your personal satisfaction with the services rendered. To find an excellent photographer, you can let us search our national database and get you the lowest possible rates. We’re photography experts and have a huge database of pre-screened experts.





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